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    $2535 USD/MT
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    China Main Port
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Supplier Information

Guangdong Gongchuang Co., Ltd.

+86 135****85

For more detailed information including pricing, customization, and shipping, please contact supplier.

Material Properties

PhysicalTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Modeling ShrinkageISO294-40.50to0.70%
Melt Mass-Flow Rate300°C/1.2kgASTMD123810g/10min
Melt Volume flow Rate300°C/1.2kgISO113310.0cm3/10min
Density / Specific GravityASTMD7921.20g/cm³
Density / Specific Gravity23°CISO11831.20g/cm³
MechanicalTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Flexural StressISO17890.0Mpa
Tensile ElongationBreakASTMD638110%
Flexural ModulusISO1782400Mpa
Tensile StrengthYieldASTMD63861.6Mpa
Flexural ModulusASTMD7902340Mpa
Flexural StrengthASTMD79089.8Mpa
Tensile StressYieldISO527-2/5065.0Mpa
Tensile StressBreakISO527-2/5075.0Mpa
Tensile StrainBreakISO527-2/50120%
ThermalTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionMDISO11359-26.0E-5to8.0E-5cm/cm/°C
Heat Deflection Temperature1.8MPa,UnannealedISO75-2/A128°C
Heat Deflection Temperature1.8MPa,AnnealedISO75-2/A143°C
Vicat Softening TemperatureASTMD15257150°C
Vicat Softening Temperature--ISO306/A50150°C
Vicat Softening Temperature--ISO306/B50145°C
Heat Deflection Temperature0.45MPa,AnnealedASTMD648146°C
ImpactTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Charpy Notched Impact Strength23°CISO17975kJ/m²
Notched Izod Impact Strength23°C,3.20mmASTMD256850J/m
Notched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO180/1A75kJ/m²
HardnessTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Rockwell HardnessM-ScaleASTMD78577
FlammabilityTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Flame Rating1.5mmUL94V-2
Flame Rating2.5mmUL94V-2
IMPORTANT NOTES: collected the data in the data sheet from the material manufacturers. makes the best effort to improve the accuracy of the data, but has no responsibility for the data. We strongly recommend verifying the validity of the data with the material manufacturers before making a final decision.

Other Prices

Port Of LoadingUnit Price
China Main Port2272 USD/T