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PA46 Stanyl®  TW241F10 BK DSM HOLAND

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    $6695 USD/MT
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    China Main Port
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    Negotiate supplier for shipping details

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Technical Data Sheet

Physical PropertiesTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Modeling ShrinkageAcross FlowISO 294-40.90%
Modeling Shrinkage流量ISO 294-40.40%
Moisture AbsorptionEquilibrium, 23°C, 50% RHISO 621.9%
DensityISO 11831.62g/cm³
Mechanical PropertiesTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Tensile StressBreakISO 527-2250Mpa
Tensile StressBreak, 120°CISO 527-2140Mpa
Tensile StressBreak, 160°CISO 527-2120Mpa
Tensile StressBreak, 180°CISO 527-2110Mpa
Tensile StressBreak, 200°CISO 527-2100Mpa
Tensile StrainBreakISO 527-22.7%
Tensile StrainBreak, 120°CISO 527-25.0%
Tensile StrainBreak, 160°CISO 527-25.0%
Tensile StrainBreak, 180°CISO 527-25.0%
Tensile StrainBreak, 200°CISO 527-25.0%
Tensile Modulus--ISO 527-216000Mpa
Tensile Modulus120°CISO 527-28200Mpa
Tensile Modulus160°CISO 527-27400Mpa
Tensile Modulus180°CISO 527-27000Mpa
Tensile Modulus200°CISO 527-26600Mpa
Flexural Modulus--ISO 17814000Mpa
Flexural Modulus120°CISO 1787300Mpa
Flexural Modulus160°CISO 1786500Mpa
Thermal PropertiesTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Deflection Temperature Under Load?0.45 MPa, UnannealedISO 75-2/B290°C
Deflection Temperature Under Load?1.8 MPa, UnannealedISO 75-2/A290°C
Thermal Index - 5000 hrIEC 60216177°C
Linear thermal expansion coefficientFlowISO 11359-22.5E-5cm/cm/°C
Linear thermal expansion coefficientAcross FlowISO 11359-24.0E-5cm/cm/°C
RTI Elec0.75 mmUL 74665.0°C
Melting TemperatureISO 11357-3295°C
Electrical performanceTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Dielectric StrengthIEC 60243-130KV/mm
Relative Permittivity100 HzIEC 602504.30
Relative Permittivity1 MHzIEC 602504.00
Comparative Tracking IndexIEC 60112300V
Volume ResistivityIEC 600931.0E+14ohms·cm
Impact PropertiesTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Charpy Unnotched Impact Strength-30°CISO 179/1eU90kJ/m²
Charpy Unnotched Impact Strength23°CISO 179/1eU100kJ/m²
Charpy Notched Impact Strength-30°CISO 179/1eA14kJ/m²
Charpy Notched Impact Strength23°CISO 179/1eA16kJ/m²
Notched Izod Impact Strength-40°CISO 180/1A14kJ/m²
Notched Izod Impact Strength23°CISO 180/1A16kJ/m²
FlammabilityTest ConditionTest MethodTest ResultUnit
Flammability level0.75 mmIEC 60695-11-10, -20HB
Flammability level1.5 mmIEC 60695-11-10, -20HB
IMPORTANT NOTES: collected the data in the data sheet from the material manufacturers. makes the best effort to improve the accuracy of the data, but has no responsibility for the data. We strongly recommend verifying the validity of the data with the material manufacturers before making a final decision.