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Linde acquires Yantai Feiyuan Special Gas Co., Ltd. to expand packaged gas business

Linde acquires Yantai Feiyuan Special Gas Co., Ltd. to expand packaged gas business


May 09, 2024


Yantai Feiyuan
Packaged Gas

On April 26, Linde announced the completion of the acquisition and business integration of Yantai Feiyuan Special Gas Co., Ltd., further expanding its packaged gas business in Shandong.

Linde's acquisition aims to combine its existing large-scale gas production sites, liquid gases and pipeline gases and other advantageous businesses in the region to provide local customers with a comprehensive one-stop supply and service of gas products. Linde will also use Yantai as a starting point to radiate its packaged gas business from the Jiaodong Peninsula to the entire Shandong region.

Feiyuan is a professional gas company that focuses on providing packaged gas products such as high-purity gas, standard gas, industrial gas, and low-temperature liquefied gas. After being formally merged into Linde's packaged gas business, Feiyuan will fully rely on Linde's gas resources, innovative technologies and service support to further improve the quality of packaged gas products and ensure stable gas supply to customers.

It is reported that Feiyuan will adhere to Linde's strict safety management philosophy to ensure the safety of the entire packaging gas industry chain from production to filling, transportation, end customer application and customer training. It also continues to consolidate its business layout in the packaged gas market in Shandong and provides professional gas solutions to customers in universities and scientific research, ship navigation, intelligent manufacturing, engineering applications and other industries.a


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