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EU officially implements tariff registration for Chinese electric vehicles

EU officially implements tariff registration for Chinese electric vehicles

Economies & Policies

Mar 11, 2024


Electric Vehicles

On March 6, the European Commission officially issued an official announcement: From March 7, electric vehicles made in China must be registered with EU customs authorities because the EU hopes to impose retroactive tariffs on the ongoing subsidy investigation of the Chinese industry. Meanwhile, in an effort to protect the market and assess the impact of foreign subsidies, the EU has begun implementing new registration requirements for all new Chinese-made electric vehicles used for passenger transport.

The Official Gazette of the European Union recently disclosed that the European Commission Implementing Regulation (2024/785) was launched on March 5, 2024, and was notified to the competent authorities and customs of each EU member state, and was released in the European Commission's official announcement on the afternoon of March 6.

This action is the result of the European Commission's autonomous countervailing investigation into the large influx of new battery electric vehicles from China starting in October 2023. By regulation, this enhanced scrutiny is in line with EU measures under Regulation 2016/1037 regarding subsidized products from non-EU countries.


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