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Plas properties resource library, a professional material data query tool around you

Plas properties resource library, a professional material data query tool around you

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Mar 01, 2024


Properties Datasheet

The "Plastic Datasheets" column of provides manufacturers, enterprises, and users with free access to material property tables, comparisons, and certification reports for viewing and downloading; the resource library brings together 140,000+ materials, covering popular models such as PC-110 and PA-757K; the material properties, uses, certification reports, test parameters and other information are complete and available.

  1. Check the material properties

    Click the "Plastic Datasheets" column, then click on the material "ABS TAIRILAC® AG15A1 FCFC TAIWAN" to view the properties datasheet.


    The properties datasheet contains characteristics, uses, certification reports, parameter information, etc., with complete classification and accurate data; it also supports viewing corresponding quotations, and one-click downloading of properties datasheet.


  2. Comparison of material properties
    Comparison of material properties not only allows manufacturers to find materials that meet production conditions, but also helps them save production costs and improve efficiency and production capacity.
    Add the materials you want to compare with one click and view the comparison results.






   点击“物性数据”栏目,随即点开材料“ABS TAIRILAC® AG15A1 FCFC TAIWAN”查看物性表



   点击“物性数据”栏目,随即点开材料“ABS TAIRILAC® AG15A1 FCFC TAIWAN”查看物性表








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